Friday, 29 June 2012

A car says a lot about the individual that is driving it. Anyone drive a police car and it works in law enforcement field and anyone drive an ambulance is likely to work in the medical field. Their cars symbolize what they do for a Us.
Many people view autos as an extension of themselves; a statement of who they are and what they stand for. It may say something about their financial status and the prestige. It can even give you a glimpse. These people most likely and don't care about prestige but may care more about the earth and pollution. It may possibly something about their lifestyle.

Bigger cars such as Audi and Ferrari are in demanded by many customers. These cars also come with lots of devices in its. They may like the DVD player to distract their noisy toddlers during long drives and many more.
A lot of people also enjoy driving luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Aston Martin or perhaps BMW and it has never been more important than today to make a good first impression. The choice of these cars is certainly based on a quality and luxury but it can also be possibly influenced by the desire to convey status. Some consumers simply want to enjoy the fruits of their labour while others may want to impress others.

The car you can drive, and it is a part of an overall impression to make on them. In survey of singles found that men and women both are agree that a nice car make a good impression. The survey was sponsored by Ford Motor Company, but it’s still something to keep in mind! When it comes to the loyalty, the drivers of trucks tend is to be quite loyal. They have a parent that can only drove a Chevy so they are the part of a "Chevy Family".
Large Number of buyers are also choosing to Buy a used cars. They are motivated by savings the money and the knowledge that if they were to purchase a new car the minute they drove off the lot the car would lose the value then why not reduce that loss.
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